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062-1 - Carmel - $13,500 - $10,900 - (Time payments available)
Circa 1905 outside row stander from the Prospect Park, NY carving studio of Charles Carmel. The bold stargazer with tendrilled mane carries a saddle buckled over a bordered blanket and an abbreviated  fishtail flanchard. The saddle terminates in a scrolled cantle from which issues a large tassel. The chest is encompassed by a double layered scalloped peytral with fringe; a fancy fringed crupper encloses the hindquarters. Glass eyes and a natural horsehair tail. Primed, sanded and ready to paint. 57 long x 62 high.

This horse once worked as a "temporary employee" on the Stein & Goldstein carousel in Central Park. See "The Carousel News & Trader," June 2011, page 11, for a photo of him painted in "municipal maintenance" colors standing next to a chariot.